Skin Tightening Treatment

Skin Tightening Treatment

Advanced light technology to tighten, tone and lift

Near-infrared (NIR) rejuvenation treatment (skin rejuvenation) is a powerful light-based therapy that triggers both the contraction and formation of collagen and elastin in a safe and gentle way. This helps to improve tone and tautness and reduce sagging skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and problem areas such as jowls, jawline and the neck are targeted.* The light is absorbed by the skin and used as an energy source to stimulate fibroblast cell activity. This increases the production of new collagen and elastin while existing collagen and elastin contract for tighter, rejuvenated skin. Advanced technology keeps the skin protected ensuring both safety and efficacy. This walk-in walk-out procedure is non-invasive with no downtime. Skin will look plumper and firmer immediately after treatment but improvements will build over a course of treatments for longer-term results.*

Treatment overview

Procedure Time:

30 to 45 minutes

Number of Treatments:

Minimum 6*

Sensitivity Period:


Full Recovery:


Duration Of Results:



From £70 per area

*Individual results and reactions may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

About skin tightening treatment at Deluxe Clinic

We’ll apply a cooling gel to the treatment area and provide protective eyewear. Your highly-experienced practitioner will pass the NIR hand-piece over the treatment area while closely monitoring skin temperature with an infra-red thermometer. This ensures sufficient heat to warm the water content of your skin to stimulate collagen production. Most of our clients find the treatment completely manageable and notice only a warm sensation as the light energy reaches the deeper layers of the skin.*

The treatment is usually used for the face, neck, upper arms, abdomen and hands.

You’ll notice the difference immediately after treatment as skin should look and feel more radiant, hydrated, plumped, and rejuvenated. As your treatment course progresses, skin should gradually tighten with the increased collagen production.

This varies from one person to another depending on the tone and tautness of your skin as well as the treatment area. We usually recommend a course of 6 treatments at 2 to 3 week intervals for longer-lasting results.*

NIR is suitable for all skin and hair colours as well as all skin types.

There is no downtime with this treatment and you’ll be free to return to daily life as soon as the treatment is finished. A small number of clients experience warmth, tightness, swelling or redness in the treatment area. This is a normal reaction and will subside quickly.*

Before & After Gallery

Discover the difference near infrared skin tightening has made for some of our clients.*

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