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Everyone wants great skin, but behind every glowing skin are the right skincare products. At Deluxe Clinic you will have the greatest pampering – our specialists use the best skincare products and help you recover your health and happiness. We like to think that healthy skin brings you happiness. We help you achieve the youthful skin you want with AlumierMD products!

AlumierMD – over 100 years of skincare experience

AlumierMD is a team of experts (scientists, dermatologists and professionals) that has developed the most effective and luxurious formulations for every type of skin. They identify and understand the characteristics of each skin type, focusing on the science behind great skin. These products are known for their efficiency and results over time – AlumierMD products have in their composition medical-grade ingredients.

Glowing skin with a chemical peel

Did you know that chemical peels are used since Ancient Egypt? Historians claim that Cleopatra used sour milk to get smoother skin. AlumierMD is specialized in depth peel – chemical peels exfoliate the top layers of the skin, improving the appearance and the texture of the skin. The result is healthy, smooth skin. The process is simple: the acid applied to the skin loosens the links between dead skin cells, stimulating new cell growth.

A single session of treatment can be enough to bring you the healthy, radiant skin you want. However, if you have a skin condition like acne or pigmentation, you may need more sessions, but the results will show eventually. At Deluxe Clinic we will make sure that the chemical peel is delivered safely and effectively. We use pretreatment products that prepare the skin and accelerate results and post-treatment products that minimize complications and maintain the results.

Solutions for every skin condition

AlumierMD products address multiple skin conditions like ageing skinrosaceaacne or pigmentation.

The ingredients used target certain problems of the skin. For example, retinol and peptides are essential in anti-ageing treatments and gentle exfoliation will help you avoid the signs of ageing, Hinokitiol, sea whip and vitamin B3 have great anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that help you treat rosacea, chemical peel help you reduce the acne and pigmented skin.

Even if you can use homecare products to achieve optimal results, a chemical peel with AlumierMD products at our clinic will help you get better results in a short period of time. However, repeated treatments are recommended for gradual results to avoid the side effects. Book a consultation and let’s find the best treatment for your skin!

Treatment overview

Procedure Time:

30 to 60 minutes

Number of Treatments:

As and when needed

Sensitivity Period:


Full Recovery:


Duration Of Results:



From £45

*Individual results and reactions may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

About ALUMIER MD - Professional Skin Care at Deluxe Clinic

Professional skin care refers to products formulated by brands developed by a team of experts – Alumier MD is a team of scientist, dermatologists and professionals. Behind every professional skin care product is a lot of research on the ingredients to increase the level of efficacy and quality. These products have in their composition ingredients like retinol, peptides, Hinakitiol, sea whip, vitamin B3, ingredients that are used for skin condition like ageing skin, rosacea, acne or pigmentation.

AlumierMD is specialized in depth chemical peel, a non-invasive treatment that improves the appearance and the texture of your skin. If you want a healthy, smooth skin, you should try a chemical peel with AlumierMD – you will see the result right at the end of the session!

A single session of treatment can be enough for people who don’t face major skin problems. If you face skin problems like acne of pigmentation, you may need more than one session. Don’t worry, the results will show eventually and you will have the glowing skin you want.

No, we use pretreatment products to prepare the skin and to accelerate the results. All you will have to do is show up for the appointment.

We use post-treatment products that minimize complications and maintain the results, but it’s important to follow our homecare regimes and advice. Don’t have any other facial treatments for at least a week, don’t exfoliate and don’t over moisturize. Wear sun protection every day and enjoy the appearance of your skin after the treatment. More advice will be given after the treatment.

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