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Hot Stone Massage

Care for your wellbeing

Healing therapy that relieves tension and boosts circulation

Stress, pressure, juggling commitments and a lack of time can leave you feeling tense, tired and sluggish. At Deluxe Clinic, we believe that caring for your wellbeing is incredibly important and do all we can to help our clients prioritise health and happiness.

Our hot stone massage therapy is testament to this. Combing thermotherapy (through the use of warm lava stones) with advanced massage techniques, hot stone massage heals, detoxifies and invigorates. The warm stones are placed on the body’s key pressure points before massage begins. Heat penetrates into deeper body issues causing blood vessels to expand for better circulation and more oxygen in the blood.*

Boosting circulation can help reduce fatigue, muscle tension and blocked energy. As muscles relax and aches and pains are soothed, you’ll find that you can relax too as your state of mind rebalances and your body is detoxed.*


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Treatment overview

  • Procedure Time:

    30 - 60 minutes

  • Number of Treatments:

    As and when needed

  • Sensitivity Period:


  • Full Recovery:


  • Duration Of Results:

    Long term

  • Price:

    From £45

*Individual results and reactions may vary.

Frequently asked questions

About hot-stone massage at Deluxe Clinic

  1. What is hot-stone massage?

    This healing therapy uses heated natural lava stones to warm deeper body tissues prior to massage. The heat helps to loosen muscles and tension to enable deep massage that relieves aches and pains, reduces stress levels and boosts circulation to revitalise muscle tissue.*

  2. What happens during the treatment?

    One of our highly-experienced practitioners will apply oil to help the stones glide smoothly and aid massage. Heated stones will then be applied to your body’s key pressure points before massage begins.

  3. How long does a hot-stone massage take?

    This relaxing treatment takes 60 minutes.

  4. What are the physical benefits?

    There are many benefits for your body and general wellbeing. These include the easing of muscle tension and stiffness as well as better joint movement. Blood circulation is improved which brings a whole host of benefits including detoxifying the body, improving lymphatic drainage and decongesting the liver by relaxing its ducts.*

  5. Are there any mental or emotional benefits?

    Hot-stone massage is renowned for its natural healing properties and ability to rebalance state of mind. As your body is de-stressed and detoxed, you’ll feel renewed and invigorated. Many of our clients find that their thought processes and focus are sharper as a sense of peace and calm is restored. Ideal for relieving anxiety, stress and mental strain, hot-stone massage can also encourage better sleep.*

  6. Is hot-stone massage safe?

    This is an extremely safe therapy that’s proved effective for decades. Our highly-experienced practitioners carefully monitor the temperature of the stones for your complete comfort.

*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Deluxe Clinic cannot guarantee specific results.

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