Chemical Skin Peels

Chemical Skin Peel Treatment

A tailored way to target skin concerns

Today’s busy lifestyles, environmental factors and the natural aging process can leave skin looking and feeling tired and dull. Chemical peels can refresh and revitalise your skin as well as helping to treat specific concerns including acne, sun damage, pigmentation, fine line and wrinkles, and scarring.* Peels are non-invasive cosmetic treatments that remove damaged outer layers of skin to reveal smoother, younger-looking skin beneath. They are rich in botanical stem cells, peptides and vitamins, with hydrating and protective ingredients that are vital for maintaining skin integrity. By providing proper cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, strengthening and protection, our chemical peels begin to address all skin conditions and achieve balance.* We have the expertise and experience to advise on the right chemical-peel treatment course for you. Your skin is as individual as you are so we’ll tailor your treatment to ensure the best possible results.*

Treatment overview

Procedure Time:

45 min to 1 hour

Number of Treatments:

We usually recommend a course of 6 treatments

Sensitivity Period:

Up to 3 days

Full Recovery:

Up to 10 days for the most advanced peel (TCA peel)


Please see individual prices

Duration Of Results:

May be longer term after a treatment course which is then maintained with regular follow-up treatments

*Individual results and reactions may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

About chemical peels at Deluxe Clinic

These popular, non-invasive treatments rejuvenate and restore radiance for younger-looking skin. They can also reduce the appearance of large pores, clear blemishes and treat hyperpigmentation. As they are formulated from different types of naturally-occurring acids derived from fruits, plant, milk and willow trees, they have the versatility to treat different types of skin conditions.* Organic acids such as glycolic, salicylic, lactic and pumpkin deeply exfoliate to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. This stimulates the renewal of healthy new skin cells in turn improving collagen production while reducing inflammation and controlling excessive oil production. The results are healthier, glowing and more radiant skin that looks and feels smoother and softer.*

You’ll certainly notice the difference after a single treatment, but we would recommend a course of peels to maximise results. This would usually be around 6 treatments but we’d advise on this in detail after an in-depth assessment and consultation. There would be 2-week intervals in-between each peel during a course with monthly maintenance peels helping to sustain results.*

Skin prep is a very important part of the peel process to help achieve the best results possible.* We’ll talk through this is detail during your consultation and will provide a homecare prep regime. This usually involves using recommended products for 2 to 4 weeks before the chemical peel. The regime helps to increase hydration levels while suppressing melanocyte pigment production to prevent hyperpigmentation due to the peel. It also helps to limit any skin reaction during the treatment and strengthens the skin allowing active ingredients to penetrate deeper and more evenly.

Skin may appear more red than usual for up to 2 hours after treatment and you might notice a tight, dry feeling and very mild flaky skin for a few days. Rarely, skin can crust, swell and develop cold sores. It’s extremely important to use a sunscreen with SPF30 during the course of your treatment and for 4 weeks after (even on cloudy days) to prevent uneven skin tone and excess pigmentation.

  • Only use the skin products recommended in your post-peel regime
  • Do not pick any spots or peel any flaky skin as this can cause scarring or redness
  • Do not have any other facial treatments for at least a week
  • Do not scrub or exfoliate as new skin is easily irritated
  • Do not use alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acids on your skin for 24 hours
  • Avoid strenuous activities, any excessive sweating, hot baths, hot showers, steam rooms or jacuzzis for 24 hours
  • Do not over-moisturise. Apply a light hydrating B5 serum as often as needed to relieve dryness and tightness
  • Always wear sun protection even on cloudy days. Your skin may be a little more sensitive after treatment so take extra care

No, not at all. Some people experience a tingling sensation but that’s all.

Chemical peels are a very safe procedure but minor skin irritation is a risk. That’s why it’s important to follow our pre and post homecare regimes and advice.

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