Cavitation Treatment

Scientifically-proven technology to sculpt body shape

Do you want a smaller, more defined waist? Or perhaps smaller thighs? Or you would like to have instant inch loss? Cavitation delivers visible and immediate results. Cavitation treatment uses non-invasive ultrasound technology to break down unwanted fat. It does this by selectively targeting fat cells in the treatment area without harming surrounding tissues such as nerves or blood vessels.* Cavitation’s ultrasound waves mechanically disrupt fat cells’ membranes. The waves do this by creating a vibration within the fat layer. The fat cells don’t have the structural strength to withstand the vibration and the cell membrane is quickly broken down. The broken cells are enzymatically changed into free fatty acids and glycerol. Water-soluble glycerol is absorbed by the circulatory system and used as an energy source while the insoluble fatty acids travel to the liver where they are processed and eliminated. Ultimately, the fat cells are removed permanently from the body helping to contour the treated area to improve overall body shape.* *Individual results may vary.

Treatment overview

Procedure Time:

Depends on area treated

Number of Treatments:

6 to 8

Sensitivity Period:


Full Recovery:


Duration Of Results:

Long-term with a maintenance treatment programme*


From £120 depending on the area

*Individual results and reactions may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

About cavitation treatment at Deluxe Clinic

This innovative technology uses ultrasound waves to mechanically disrupt fat cell membranes. It creates a vibration within the fat layer which fat cells are not capable of withstanding. As the membranes quickly break down, the cells are dispersed.

As the cell membranes are disrupted, the contents of the fat cells (primarily triglycerides which consist of 3 (tri) molecules of fatty acids plus a molecule of alcohol glycerol) are dispersed into the fluid between the cells. They are then transported through the vascular and lymphatic systems with the fatty acids travelling to the liver. The liver makes no distinction between fat coming from cavitation treatment and fat originating from consumed food. Both are processed by the body’s natural mechanisms.

You’ll have an in-depth, one-to-one consultation with your practitioner before any treatment commences to make sure it’s exactly right for you. We’ll use a hand-held device to deliver ultrasound therapy quickly and safely. Most clients hear a ‘tweeting’ noise throughout the procedure but don’t experience any discomfort.*

The therapy is primarily used for the abdomen and flanks (love handles), thighs and buttocks.

On average, most clients see a reduction of 1 to 2cm in treatment-area circumference after just the first treatment.*

This is a long-term treatment with results building over a treatment course. Most clients see optimal results after around 2 months.

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