PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

VAMPIRE FACIAL or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a form of regenerative therapy overflowing with natural concentrated growth factors, stem cells, proteins, platelets, and nutrients. This magic serum is obtained from clients own blood.

PRP is mostly used by doctors to treat joint injuries , torn tendons, muscle injuries, arthritis.

Dentists also use this form of therapy to stimulate bone growth following an implant or oral surgery.

Experts use this procedure to treat hair loss , baldness pattern in men and women.

We use it in cosmetic procedures for the purpose of:

  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Plump up sagging skin
  • Get rid of deep creases
  • Improve one’s complexion
  • Diminish acne scars
  • Reduces Hair loss
  • Skin regenerative

Platelets host a vast reservoir of over 800 proteins which when secreted act upon fibroblasts, osteoblasts, endothelial and epithelial cells to promote healing process across variety of tissues and rejuvenate damaged, aged skin.

The idea behind this principle is that injecting PRP into damaged tissues will stimulate your body to grow new, healthy cells and promote healing due to the fact that tissue growth factors are more concentrated in the prepared growth injections.

PRP is the safest, most natural way in regenerating the skin, it involves using own cells without any further modifications. Hence, erasing any side effects, since the injections are created from your own blood, your body will not reject or react negatively to them

Treatment overview

Procedure Time:

Depends on area treated

Number of Treatments:

3 to 6

Sensitivity Period:

12 hours

Full Recovery:


Duration Of Results:

Long-term with a maintenance treatment programme*



*Individual results and reactions may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

About PRP - VAMPRE FACIAL at Deluxe Clinic

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy uses injections of a concentration of a patient's own platelets to accelerate the rejuvenation of old, tired, dull skin.

PRP injections are prepared by taking anywhere from one to a few tubes of your own blood and running it through a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets. These activated platelets are then injected directly into the affected area. This releases growth factors that stimulate and increase the number of reparative cells your body produces.

The PRP therapy can be performed on many parts of the body including the face, neck, décolletage, under eyes, hair therapy.

You may not see results immediately after your first treatment, but after 3 to 4 sessions you should be able to notice a real difference with changes to the texture of your skin. Optional results are usually seen after around a month of treatment.*

This is a long-term treatment with cumulative results. If you have regular maintenance treatments, results should last.*

Plasma is the liquid portion of whole blood, amounting to 65% of blood composition, remaining 35% is red and white blood cells. It is composed largely of water and proteins, and it provides a medium for red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets to circulate through the body. Platelets, also called thrombocytes, are blood cells that cause blood clots and other necessary growth healing functions. Platelet activation plays a key role in the body's natural healing process.

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