Laser hair removal for men

Going on a beach holiday with the intention of soaking up some sun rays? Lucky you!

Participating in sports where body hair can be a hindrance, like swimming or cycling?

Wanting to keep cool during summer.

Sleeping in an extra half an hour knowing you don’t have to shave your beard?



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Laser hair removal the safe way

Gone are the days when laser hair removal was exclusive to women. These days, men are reaping the benefits too. There are many reasons why a man could benefit from a course of laser hair removal.

Of course, there are many other reasons why you could benefit from a smooth and hair free body and face. Shaving constantly can be a real bind. Try reaching down beyond your shoulder blades, and you run the risk of injury. Besides, it doesn’t take long before the itching starts. Laser hair removal is for men that are that little bit smarter. They know how to keep cool, look good and save time.

At Deluxe Clinic we use the Soprano ice machine, which is proven to be the safest on the market. This means that you won’t leave the salon covered in blotches. Owing to our professional and friendly staff, you’ll find it an enjoyable experience throughout. Once you’ve tried laser hair removal, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t give it a try years ago.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Soprano ICE work?

The laser beam is made up of precisely controlled pulses of energy, it is absorbed by the melanin or pigment in the hair and targets the hair follicles that lie beneath the skin. The energy heats down to the root producing a destructive reaction, destroying the base of the follicle so it can no longer produce hair.

Using unique, IN-Motion technology and a patented DualChill Saphire tip, the surface of your skin stays cool and comfortable. The sweeping motion also eliminates any missed patches common to other types of lasers, therefore covering the entire area treated.

Is treatment using the Soprano ICE safe?

Soprano ICE has clinical results and it outperforms other global hair reduction treatments, is the ONLY medical device to receive double FDA approval. Laser hair removal is now one of the most popular, well known and researched method of removing unwanted hair in aesthetic field. The Soprano ICE laser has provided hair reduction to thousands of people worldwide successfully and safely. It can also be used all year round on all skin types.

Can Soprano ICE treat black/dark skin?

The Soprano ICE unique patented high repetition rate and low fluence delivery system makes soprano ICE safest for ALL skin types. Darker skin may require more treatment sessions.

Is it really pain free?

No bluffing … we’ve tried it! And the truth is, it gives you the sensation of a hot stone massage or how our clients describe it a warmth and pleasant feeling.  Our advanced technology laser has been designed with clients in mind to reduce pain threshold, so that you are receiving a comfortable relaxed treatment.

Many of our clients will have a power nap whilst having their treatment. What a result 2 in 1.

What areas of my body can I treat?

Our patients start with the area they need it the most. Once they realise the amazing feeling of not having to shave again the desire increases, leading to full body. Laser hair removal procedure can be undergone in any part of your body.

What is anagen hair?

Hair grows in 3 cycles called Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. The anagen hair is the active or growing hair which is attached to the blood supply in the follicle. The other 2 stages are shedding and resting. ONLY hair in the anagen phase can be effectively, permanently destroyed during laser treatment which is why multiple treatments are required at certain intervals.

How often to have treatments?

For the face 4-5 weeks apart is recommended and the body 6-7 weeks. Treatment on a regular basis is advised to get maximum results.

How many treatments/sessions are required?

During a free consultation you will be assessed and advised about the number of treatments you may require. Usually clients undergo between 6-8 treatments, followed by yearly top up to achieve favourable results. Body treatments may require less than facial treatments, however the results are depending on individual and certain factors such as hereditary, hormonal balance and skin sensitivity.

Can red/blonde/fine hair be treated?

Your hair will be assessed at your free consultation and a patch test will be given to determine the effect for hair colour. The newest model soprano ICE can even target blonder and finer hairs!

Do I need to prepare my skin?

Yes, it is extremely helpful to have all area’s treated  shaved preferably 24 hours prior. Avoid the use of retinol and steroid creams.

How do I remove hair in-between treatments?

Shaving or trimming are preferred methods. Do not pluck or wax as this removes the hair and bulb and so means it cannot be targeted by the laser.

Will there be redness/discomfort after treatment?

There are no side effects, and there is no recovery time. You can resume your normal activities right away. In rare cases clients can experience small erythema (redness of the skin) or periocular oedema (swollen follicles) which is perfectly normal and will subside within an hour or two the most.

It’s important that you use a sunscreen if you’re going to be outside in the sun.

Can I wear make-up?

Yes you can wear make-up to clinic, however this will be removed prior to treatment.

Are you suitable for the treatment?

During your initial free consultation the laser technician specialist will discuss you suitability.

We need to take into consideration your medical history in order to meet your needs. We will thoroughly examine the area to be treated and discuss a treatment plan. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Treatment is not considered to be effective on pregnant women or breast feeding due to hormonal instability.  It is recommended to initiate when these phases are over.

A patch test is advised for all our clients.

For clients with grey or white hair in the treatment area, laser is not recommended, as there is no pigment in the hair follicles for the laser to target so treatment will be ineffective. Alternative solution is more unpleasant method the Electrolysis.

I suffer from PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) can I still have the treatment?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. PCOS is a condition affecting millions of women in UK. Due to its high level of androgen hormones the body produces more hair than usual. At Deluxe Clinic we strive in achieving perfection, however because of your body’s ability to reproduce new hair we can reduce your unwanted hair to a certain extend. We cannot promise a smooth, hair free YOU, but we can guarantee improved overall reduction.

What are the post treatments instructions?

You are advised during your consultation of the most important steps post treatment and we will provide you with a aftercare instruction sheet to remind you.

We recommend you to refrain from active sunbathing for two weeks post treatment.

Avoid hot baths, steam, sauna, swimming and any heat treatments or sports activities for about 8 hours after your laser hair removal treatment.

During the first 24 hours after your treatment, when washing the skin, ensure to be gentle and pat dry it. You can use gentle exfoliation in the area after the third day of your treatment.

It is crucial that you do not wax, tweeze, bleach, pick or scratch the area or use any methods of hair removal which could interfere with your treatment.

For facial treatments we recommend the use of mineral make up.

The hairs will start falling out 2-3 weeks after the treatment.

Have some of your questions not been answered?

If you still have uncertainty how our treatment works don’t hesitate to give us a call: 01753 855777. We are a team of friendly professionals here to guide you every step of your journey.

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For a salon fresh feeling that lasts, call 01753 885777 to book an appointment, email or click on the button below.

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