You managed to lose significant weight. What about the saggy skin?

NIR rejuvenation treatment

Extra pounds are a problem not only physically, but also in terms of health. If you’ve managed to lose the extra weight that has affected your quality of life for too long, we can only congratulate you on your ambition and perseverance! You may, however, after a rapid slimming process find yourself with a new challenge: unsightly sagging skin.

Loose skin affects your self-image and confidence, just like extra pounds. Avoid wearing tight clothes because it highlights the signs of the slimming process, avoid going to the pool or beach to relax. Basically, you’ve got the weight you want, but your social life suffers because of sagging skin. What to do in such a situation?

Surgical removal – a necessary solution in extreme cases

People who lose a lot of weight in a very short time – we’re generally talking about obese people who manage to lose weight with the help of gastric sleeve – have no other option to get rid of loose skin than surgery. In this case, the solution is quite precise. The patient undergoes a surgery performed by a plastic surgeon and ends up with a much desired body and firm skin.

NIR rejuvenation treatment – a popular body contouring option

Body treatments, like NIR (near-infrared), are an effective and safe option for removing sagging skin. Unlike surgery, such treatments are non-invasive and focus on the production of collagen and elastin, the substances responsible for skin firmness. Collagen provides the skin with structural support, forming a framework that helps maintain its firmness and strength, while elastin is responsible for the skin’s ability to stretch and snap back to its original position, providing resilience and flexibility. Elastin works in conjunction with collagen to maintain the skin’s structure and firmness.

At Deluxe Clinic you benefit from the best NIR treatments to get rid of sagging skin in a fast and safe way, without risks. Results can vary from person to person – some can see results after 1-2 sessions, while others take a longer period of time and more sessions to enjoy firm skin. However, we should mention that these treatments are not a good option for people who have gone through a major transformation and are left with lots of layers of loose skin.

Exercise – a good way to tone the body

Physical activity is a good idea to get rid of extra pounds in a slow way and shape your body harmoniously without the problem of sagging skin. Not to mention the benefits exercise has on your body. And if you want to speed up this slimming and skin toning process, you can always turn to body treatments such as cryopolysis or fat freezing in parallel. These treatments, in combination with a balanced diet and exercise, help you maintain long-term results and enjoy a well-contoured body, just as you dreamed.

So, if you’re tired of hiding your body behind your clothes because of extra pounds or sagging skin, your first step is to come to Deluxe Clinic! Together we’ll find a solution to your problem – one that’s non-invasive, comfortable and delivers long-term results.

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