Ways to keep your skin healthy while wearing a face mask

Face masks have become a new everyday normality, particularly for anyone who works in healthcare, social care or is an essential worker. With more and more of us required to wear a face mask as part of our daily lives, how can we help keep our skin healthy while wearing a mask. In this blog, we’ll look at some common skin problems associated with face masks and what you can do to prevent them.

Dry irritated skin

This is often caused by face masks that are rubbing causing irritation, particularly for those who are wearing their mask for longer periods of time. Some of the ways that you can combat this include:

• Switch your mask – Try to find a face mask that fits your face shape and is more comfortable to wear. Some masks are adjustable which will help you get a better fit and prevent the mask from rubbing.
• Use a gentle cleanser – Prolonged mask wearing can make your skin sensitive, so you need to treat the affected areas differently. A gentle cleanser will help to nourish your skin while making sure essential oils remain to help protect your skin.
• Avoid exfoliating – Dry and irritated areas shouldn’t be exfoliated to help them recover and leave a protective barrier of skin. You can still exfoliate other areas of your face that don’t come into contact with your mask.
• Hydrate – Keep your skin hydrated, regularly moisturising your skin will help keep it hydrated and prevent dry skin. As well as moisturising multiple times a day, drink plenty of water to help keep your skin looking fresh.

Breakouts and Mask Acne

While masks do a great job of keeping us and the people around us safe, they are not the kindest option for our skin. Wearing a face covering for a long time can cause dirt and moisture to become trapped in our skin making it more prone to breakouts and Acne caused by bacteria. So here are some tips to help prevent these breakouts:

• Change your face mask regularly – You should be regularly changing your face mask and washing reusable fabric masks after each use. Not only does this help to stop the spread of bacteria but it also helps to keep your face clean and prevent the build up of bacteria.
• Cleanse at home – When you get home cleanse your face as it is easy for you skin to become sweaty and clammy while wearing a mask.
• Avoid makeup – If you are going to be wearing a mask for a long period of time, like during the normal working day, then consider skipping makeup to give your skin a chance to breathe. Less makeup means your skin can get more air which will help keep your pores open.
• Exfoliate – Sweat and dead skin are more likely to clog up your pores while you wear a mask which means you will need to exfoliate more to help keep your pores clean.

If you continue to struggle with Acne then it is worth getting professional help, at Deluxe Clinic we offer a range of professional skincare and beauty treatments including Acne treatment and Chemical skin peels to name a few. Visit our treatments page to find out more and to book your therapy.

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