Our Top Pigmentation Treatments

At Deluxe Clinic in Slough, we’ve got the knowledge and experience needed to help transform your skin and ease those niggling concerns – from acne, to red veins to hyperpigmentation. In this post, we’ll focus on our pigmentation treatments, which help correct the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

A common condition

Hyperpigmentation is a skin concern with numerous causes, including sun damage, acne and even hormonal factors. It presents as age spots, melasma and ‘patchy’ skin. It can have a profound effect on patients, with many losing confidence or worrying over their appearance, but with proper treatment, it can be managed and even reduced.

Our approach to treatment

At our clinic in Slough, we create bespoke treatment plans through combining different therapies. This ensures you get the best results possible, with packages tailored to you and your skin. As everyone is different, we believe that our treatment approach should be, too.

Treating with skin peels

One effective approach to treating hyperpigmentation is to use our potent skin peels, which use a combination of acids to exfoliate skin at a deeper level. This helps reveal brighter, smoother skin, and can lessen the appearance of sun spots and sun damage. We use ZO 3 Step Peel, which uses exfoliants, anti-ageing retinol and skin-protecting ingredients to speed up your skin’s renewal process.

Treating with light therapy

IPL (intense pulsed light) is a type of therapy that uses waves of light to treat skin concerns, including hyperpigmentation. We use the Lynton Luminette laser system; Lynton is the UK’s number 1 laser and IPL manufacturer. Our recommendation is to combine this treatment with one of our cosmeceutical skincare products to boost results – brands include DermaQuest and ZO Obaji.

Treating with combination therapy

We are firm believers in combination treatments. If one of the causes of your hyperpigmentation is acne, you could also try microneedling to stimulate the body’s renewal process and boost collagen production.

Maintaining results

Once you’ve finished treatment, we recommend keeping skin protected from the sun. As well as keeping skin covered and staying out of the sun when it’s at its hottest, you can also use a daily sun lotion, with at least SPF30, to help guard against the sun’s rays.

Booking your treatment

Whatever you choose for your hyperpigmentation, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re in capable hands. With glowing client testimonials, a range of effective treatments and a clean, bright clinic, we aim to make your skincare journey as positive and comfortable as possible.

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