The importance of personalized advice in facial treatments – any treatment can work?

facial treatments

Facials are relaxing procedures that help people who want to get rid of various imperfections, such as wrinkles, acne scars, puffy eyes or pigmentation spots. Any facial must be tailored to the needs of the skin because only then will it produce results. That’s why we recommend a prior consultation where a doctor will identify the problems you are experiencing and design a suitable treatment scheme.

Any treatment can work on your skin?

Not all treatments are suitable for your skin. If your friend has had a microneedling session to get rid of acne scars, that doesn’t mean this treatment is right for you. The type of treatment and the number of treatment sessions differs from person to person. So do the results – in some cases, results come faster, after 1-2 sessions, in other cases it takes 6-7 sessions to see improvements in the skin. Depending on your skin’s needs, a single facial may be enough or you may need a combination of treatments. This can only be said after an initial consultation.

What are the benefits of personalized treatments?

Treatments are chosen according to your skin type. Nowadays it is extremely easy to be fooled by marketing campaigns that aggressively promote certain products or treatments that promise to work wonders in a short time. If it’s not the right treatment for your skin type, you could end up with even more skin problems. Any cream, serum or facial treatment that gets on your skin needs to be suited to your skin’s characteristics. At Deluxe Clinic we make sure we choose the best treatments!

Treatments are chosen according to the problem you face. Chemical peels may be good for mildly acneic skin, but may not work as well for acne scarring (in such a situation, perhaps microneedling treatment would be more appropriate). Each treatment has certain indications and contraindications, and it’s important to choose the right one depending on the problem you’re facing and its severity.

Treatments are not limited to one session. Following your discussion with your doctor, you may also receive recommendations on your diet or skincare routine, as well as some skincare products that could help you achieve even better results. In other words, personalized consultations often offer a more comprehensive treatment that can include several procedures, as well as lifestyle advice.

Treatments also help prevent skin problems from recurring. Often, such personalized treatments also treat the cause of the blemishes, which means you’ll be able to prevent future skin problems from recurring.

Here, at Deluxe Clinic we focus on treatments tailored to your skin type and the problems you face because we know that this is the only way to achieve the results you want. You can look at these visits as an opportunity to relax in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Schedule your first visit to Deluxe Clinic and let us take care of the health and beauty of your skin!

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