Take care of your skin in 2022!

Deluxe Clinic Happy New Year

At the start of a new year, we make all sorts of resolutions and promises to ourselves. In 2022, we suggest you add caring for your skin to that list. Smooth, velvety-looking skin can only be achieved with a well-established skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, hydration and physical exercise. Many skin problems could be prevented if you follow doctors’ advice.

Establish a proper skin care routine

Before establishing a routine, you need to know your skin type very well. A routine for dry skin will focus on moisturizing, while a routine for oily skin will focus on reducing excess sebum. Our advice is to start 2022 with an appointment at Deluxe Clinic. Our specialists will be waiting for you, assess your skin condition and recommend certain treatments or skincare products you can introduce into your routine. If you’re not sure what skin type you have, a consultation with our specialists will answer any questions you may have. 

Don’t put off dealing with skin problems

Acne won’t go away if you don’t take action, and the marks left by acne won’t fade. Unfortunately, in cases like this, you need the intervention of specialists who can suggest a treatment plan adapted to your problems. You may need a chemical peel, an IPL treatment or microneedling. The important thing is not to put off dealing with skin problems in the hope that they will go away by themselves because they won’t. In fact, they will get worse. 

It is equally important to identify the cause of the acne in order to remove it. Some people experience acne because of stress, a disordered lifestyle or hormonal problems. The first step in the fight against acne is to eliminate the cause and then we can talk about a treatment plan. 

Give yourself time to indulge

Make a resolution that in 2022 you will have more time for yourself, to give yourself the pampering you deserve. All treatments at Deluxe Clinic take place in a relaxing environment with people who make you feel good about yourself. When the results start to show, your confidence and self-esteem grow. Happiness lies in the little things, like a skin care treatment to fade wrinkles, acne or pigmented spots. So on your list of resolutions for 2022 should be some precious time for yourself. 

Proper skin care will only benefit you over time. As well as enjoying healthy, glowing skin, you’ll also get a forever youthful look, without wrinkles or signs of ageing. But don’t forget about nutrition and hydration either. Many skin conditions arise from a lack of proper hydration or a chaotic, unhealthy diet. Sleep is also important and helps to keep your skin beautiful. And daily physical exercise only adds more serotonin, the so-called happy hormone. Take care of your skin! We are here to provide you with the best skin care treatments and products! We look forward to seeing you for a consultation at Deluxe Clinic to start 2022 off right!

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