Surprise her with a unique Christmas gift!

Christmas Gift

We are fast approaching Christmas and you should already have your presents ready for your loved ones. If you still don’t have any gift ideas for your girlfriend or wife, we have a recommendation for you: a visit to Deluxe Clinic! She certainly won’t be expecting such a gift and will appreciate it so much. You will notice this the moment she leaves our clinic.

Every woman complains at some point about a certain aspect of her physical appearance – either time has left its mark on her face and wrinkles betray her age, or she wants to get rid of acne or pigmentation spots. There’s always going to be something she wants to improve. So, take advantage of your loved one’s moment of discontent in her life and turn it into unique gifts for winter holidays or anniversaries. Here are some ideas for treats you can find at Deluxe Clinic:

Microneedling for ageing skin

Microneedling treatment helps stimulate collagen and elastin production, resulting in firm, smooth, wrinkle-free skin. This type of treatment can be used not only for wrinkles but also for acne scars, pigmentation spots or reducing enlarged pores. Some women see this procedure as the secret to ever-younger skin – deeply hydrated, wrinkle-free, radiant and velvety-looking. Give the woman in your life a microneedling treatment to see her happy!

A customised treatment for acne scars

Women who face acne scars are usually women with low self-confidence, women who are unaware of their beauty and prefer to hide their face under make-up products. Give your loved one the chance to get rid of those scars and see herself beautiful again. A specialist will consult her and establish a treatment plan tailored to her needs. Whether we’re talking about a chemical peel, microneedling, or a cosmetic makeover, you can be sure that your loved one will leave our clinic with a smile on her face and higher self-esteem.

Hyperpigmentation treatment

After a long holiday at the seaside, many women may experience pigmentation spots that appear after excessive exposure to sunlight without the use of SPF products. At Deluxe Clinic we use IPL therapy to remove pigmentation spots, but there are also many cosmetic treatments, such as the Zo 3 Step Peel, that have good results. The best treatment will be established after the first consultation. Women will also leave our clinic with several tips and recommendations to avoid the recurrence of these unsightly spots.

These are just a few ideas of treatments you can give as a gift to a woman in your life, whether we are talking about a girlfriend, wife, mother or sister. Why choose a gift in a hurry when you can give her total pampering and a chance to get rid of an unsightly problem? Such treatment at Deluxe Clinic is a unique gift she will never think of. Trust us, you’ll pleasantly surprise her. So, schedule an appointment now and surprise her for Christmas or any other occasion!

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