Summer is here! If you’re not happy with your body, there’s still time for improvement!

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Summer body – we all want it, but are we willing to make the sacrifices to get it? Some people prefer to adopt a healthy diet and go to the gym every day to get rid of insecurities and reach their best shape. Others choose body procedures that help them sculpt and tone their body or eliminate their imperfections. If you’re not the kind of person who does daily physical exercise to keep in shape, you can opt for procedures like LipoFirm Pro or Cryolipolysis. Of course, we can’t forget laser hair removal for people who have the body they want, but not the velvety smooth skin.

LipoFirm Pro – effective results in body contouring

Lipofirm Pro is an advanced non-invasive technology used to help sculpt and tone the body. It combines several techniques and technologies to provide effective body contouring results. We’re talking radio frequency and dynamic muscle activation. Radio frequency waves are used to heat deep layers of skin and fat tissue. They stimulate collagen production and contribute to skin firmness and elasticity. In addition, the heat generated by radiofrequency waves helps break down fat cells, facilitating the elimination of fat through the body’s natural processes.

On the other hand, electrical impulses stimulate muscle contractions, similar to exercise. This helps tone and strengthen muscles, contributing to a more sculpted and defined appearance. Muscle contractions help improve lymphatic drainage, which can reduce water retention and the appearance of cellulite.

Cryolipolysis – non-invasive fat reduction procedure

Cryolipolysis uses controlled cooling to freeze and remove fat cells from the body. This technique has become popular because of its ability to provide noticeable results in body contouring without surgery.

Low temperatures freeze fat cells under the skin without damaging surrounding tissues. Fat cells are more sensitive to cold than other cell types, causing them to crystallize and die. After the procedure, the frozen fat cells gradually die and are naturally eliminated through the body’s metabolic processes. This elimination process can take several weeks, depending on each person’s metabolism – which is why you cannot expect immediate results after the first session.

Cryolipolysis is effective in reducing fat in specific areas of the body such as the abdomen, thighs, and arms. The procedure helps to sculpt and define the treated areas, giving a more toned and harmonious appearance. Results are gradually visible as the body eliminates dead fat cells. The fat cells removed by cryolipolysis do not regenerate, which means the results can be permanent, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Laser hair removal – for smooth skin, perfect for the summer season

Laser hair removal is an effective and long-lasting solution to achieve a smooth, summer-ready body. The laser uses concentrated light to target pigment (melanin) in the hair follicles. Light energy is converted into heat, which destroys the hair follicle, inhibiting or delaying future hair growth.

The procedure is minimally invasive and has a very short recovery time. The risk of irritation and other side effects is reduced compared to other hair removal methods, such as waxing or using an epilator. After several sessions, many patients experience a significant and lasting reduction in hair growth. It is important to note that factors such as hair color, skin color and medical history can influence the effectiveness of treatment.

So if you’re not happy with the way your body looks, you can schedule a consultation at Deluxe Clinic! Depending on the problems you identify and the goals you want to achieve, we can recommend certain body procedures and why not, even facials. Get your summer body ready at Deluxe Clinic!

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