Spider veins – causes, treatment and prevention

spider veins treatment

Red veins or spider veins usually appear on the legs or face, in the form of some thin lines. They are not painful, but can lower self esteem. That’s the reason many people want to get rid of them through various treatments (some more effective than others).

Causes of spider veins – why does this condition appear?

Spider veins occur when the valves inside the veins weaken or suffer some damage and the blood no longer flows properly. It’s important to know that red veins can happen to anyone, regardless of age (yes, it can occur to children as well). Here are some causes of spider veins:

  • Genetics – studies show that red veins run in families. If your parents have red veins, you may be dealing with this condition too, at some point. (but it’s not mandatory)
  • Pregnancy – hormones involved in pregnancy can lead to red veins. The good news is that spider veins disappear after delivery without treatment.
  • Rosacea – broken blood veins occur frequently in this condition
  • Alcohol consumption – excessive alcohol consumption leads to enlargement of blood veins
  • Sun exposure – excessive exposure to the sun have the same effect on your skin as alcohol consumption

Effective treatment of spider veins – what options do you have?

Red veins affect the appearance of the skin and sometimes can cause discomfort. Some people try to cover spider veins with different make-up products, other people are searching for an effective treatment for this condition and try different options, such as:

Compression stockings

This is an effective option for the red veins on the legs. The pressure improves blood flow and prevents further varicose veins. Compression stockings are useful in the treatment of leg swelling, too. However, this is not a recommended option for people with heart conditions.

IPL therapy

IPL is a non-invasive treatment for red veins that uses intense pulsed light. This treatment is popular for its efficacy and safety and leaves the skin red-vein free. At the moment, it’s the best option you have to get rid of spider veins. It can use for the veins on your legs or for any facial areas. If you want to try IPL therapy, all you have to do is to book an appointment at Deluxe Clinic. One of our specialists will evaluate your situation and will recommend you a suitable treatment (IPL therapy or microslerotherapy, another treatment the threads veins on legs).

Prevention of spider veins – what do you have to do?

Some lifestyle tips can help you prevent red veins. One of the most important things is to stay active every day – 30 minutes walk daily is enough to improve circulation and to prevent spider veins. You should avoid tight clothing because it can restrict blood flow and increase the risk of red veins. Limiting alcohol consumption and exposure to the sun can also help you have clean skin.

Book an appointment at Deluxe Clinic and forget about the spider veins! Our treatments are effective and safe for everyone and the results are spectacular.

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