Is skin tightening possible without surgery?

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The world of aesthetics is improving in leaps and bounds, so much so that it is beginning to overtake that of surgery. There are now copious ways of avoiding expensive, time consuming, and physically taxing procedures and still achieving their impeccable results. Surgery often comes with an immeasurable amount of down time, and a full recovery isn’t made until months after the original operation. For procedures that target love handles, drooping jowls, and ‘bingo wings’, non-surgical skin tightening is now an option and readily available.

At Deluxe Clinic in Buckinghamshire, we’re always so proud to be able to bring you the latest in skin, laser, and aesthetics treatments. This also includes being able to introduce you to amazing new technologies, which we’re about to explore…

No matter where you have loose skin – your thighs, your abdomen, even your face – it can make you feel self-conscious. But what if we told you we could give you back your self-confidence non-surgically?

Is skin tightening possible without surgery?

The first technology we’d like to introduce you to is radio frequency treatment. For use on the face, body, and even cellulite, this advanced technology tightens unwanted loose areas of skin efficiently and effectively. We use 3D-skintech fractional radio frequency to deliver targeted beams of energy to localised treatment areas to firm and tighten the skin. It heats the layers beneath the skin to cause trauma to the collagen fibres there. These fibres then contract and stimulate fibroblast action which prompts fresh collagen and elastin production. These are the proteins essential for tightening the skin, which of course is achieved non-surgically.

Now, say hello to HIFU for the face and body, which actually stands for high-intensity focussed ultrasound. This ground-breaking technology lifts and tightens the jowls and eyebrow areas, but also is particularly effective at targeting the love handles and bingo wings. It delivers highly focussed energy within the skin, creating thermal coagulation zones that trigger the body’s natural healing responses. This ensures a longer-term lifting and tightening with the production of new collagen. For the body, HIFU is more than just a skin tightening treatment. It targets stubborn pockets of fat that you just can’t seem to budge. The energy breaks down fat cells while tightening the skin in the area. These cells are then flushed from the body over a period of around 3 months, and there is absolutely no downtime.

Finally, we come to facial skin tightening using near infrared (NIR) skin rejuvenation. This powerful light-based therapy triggers both the contraction and formation of new collagen and elastin both safely and gently. This helps to improve tone, tautness, and reduces sagging skin. Specifically intended for the face, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and firms problem areas like the jaw and jowls. The skin absorbs the light and uses it as an energy source for fibroblast activity which increases collagen production. Again, there is no downtime and no breaking of the skin, so you can tighten your skin without the need for surgery.

Traditional surgery for skin tightening and lifting is costly, time consuming, and often asks a lot of your body. A surgical facelift’s full recovery, with both you and your body operating as normal again, is sometimes up to a full year since the procedure. With skin tightening treatments in Buckinghamshire, you can walk in and out of our clinic without needing any time off work or social activities. We believe in keeping these kinds of treatments accessible, especially for those who may not be suitable for surgery or simply don’t want to put themselves through it.

Skin tightening is ready and waiting for you just in time for summer. To book your consultation, speak to a friendly member of our staff on 01753 885777 or enquire online today.

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