Reasons why you should turn to specialists when it comes to your skin care

Reasons why you should turn to specialists when it comes to your skin care

Some people experience various skin problems because they have used the wrong products. And that’s the first reason why you should turn to specialists when it comes to your skin care. You’ll enjoy glowing skin for a much longer time if you have the right skincare routine, use the right products for your skin type and have regular facials.

Here are some other reasons why you should seek professional help:


Skin care professionals can identify exactly what type of skin you have, what problems you’re experiencing, what’s causing those problems, and what the best solutions and treatments are to improve the appearance of your skin. And we’ve just described how a visit to the Deluxe Clinic goes, where a team of specialists will welcome you and help you achieve healthy, velvety skin.

At the same time, you’ll be able to build together a suitable skincare routine, with quality products that are effective for identified problems. This way you’ll know for sure that the products you use are having the desired effect on your skin. You can’t do the same with commercial products, which get too much publicity but don’t have ingredients that are safe for your skin.


There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for acne. Nor is there one for pigmentation spots or wrinkles. No two treatments are the same for two people with the same problem. But we can help you with a treatment tailored to your skin’s needs. You can’t do this at home, with commercial products and peels containing ingredients and substances that only make your skin more stressed. Depending on the problems identified, we can recommend chemical peels with quality products developed by a team of dermatologists and researchers, such as those from AlumierMD, or different procedures to improve the appearance of your skin (PRP, LED Light Therapy, microneedling, etc.). At Deluxe Clinic you will always find a treatment that is right for your skin.

Spa-like experience

What could be more relaxing than lying back and letting someone take care of your skin? Our focus has not only been on the innovative treatments we’ve brought to our clinic, but also on shaping a relaxing atmosphere and comfortable, spa-like experience. You’ll leave our clinic in a much better mood, but also with a treatment plan that you know will produce results, sooner or later (results differ from person to person, which is why we cannot promise instant results).

Working with specialists when it comes to your skin care is an investment you are making in your skin’s health. That way you’ll be able to prevent signs of skin ageing (which often occur as a result of using the wrong skincare and make-up products), as well as other skin problems that can affect your self-esteem, such as acne or pigmentation spots. Prevention is much easier than treatment, and the facials we offer to improve your skin’s appearance will help you enjoy longer-lasting healthy skin without spots, pimples or wrinkles.

Schedule a visit to Deluxe Clinic and let us take care of your skin!

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