Post-acne scars – why do they occur and how do you get rid of them?

Post Acne Scars

Post-acne scars are the most common complication of acne, the result of healing inflammatory lesions (pustules, nodules, cysts). These scars are caused by a decrease in collagen levels in the skin as a result of a strong inflammatory process. The patients who most often experience these scars are those who aggressively squeeze their pimples.

Post-acne scars destroy self-esteem

There are quite a few people who are not bothered by post-acne scars and the comments they might attract. In most cases, they lead to anxiety and depression – it only takes one negative comment about the appearance of the complexion to hurt a person experiencing these scars. The problems created by these scars are more on an aesthetic and psychological level – these people are introverted, refusing to go out and participate in various events where they should expose themselves. We are not exaggerating when we say that post-acne scars can destroy not only self-esteem but also your whole social life.

How can you prevent post-acne scarring?

Post-acne scars occur as a result of trauma (when you aggressively squeeze pimples) or inflammation and excess sebum. To prevent these scars from forming you need to learn to leave pimples alone – don’t squeeze, don’t squeeze, and don’t press pimples. With the right treatment and skincare routine you’ll get rid of them without scarring. It’s not recommended to use aggressive cleansing brushes or harsh scrubs that create additional trauma. Moreover, it is not advisable to use various devices that mimic microneedling because they can scratch the skin and cause trauma. Opt for microneedling sessions carried out in a doctor’s surgery, with the necessary equipment, and only on the recommendation of a specialist.

How can you get rid of post-acne scars?

The treatment of post-acne scars is complex and long-lasting. The first step is to make an appointment for a consultation. A doctor will examine you and determine what kind of scars you have and how old they are (it’s important to determine how old the scars are – the more recent they are, the fewer treatment sessions you’ll need). Depending on the type of scars, the doctor will determine a treatment schedule that may include microneedling, chemical peel or IPL sessions. Results are not seen instantly, as the skin needs time to regenerate. Your doctor may also recommend certain skin care products to speed up the healing process. It is important to note that treatment is personalized, depending on the problems identified, and results differ from person to person. A person with recent scars that have appeared on a small area of the skin will enjoy results in a shorter time than someone who has struggled with acne and scarring for years. The important thing is to be patient and follow your doctor’s advice, and the results will show. Sometimes we’re talking about disappearance of post-acne scars, sometimes just a fading of them – you’ll find out all the information you need during your first discussion with our specialist. Book an appointment to Deluxe Clinic now!

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