Does laser hair removal hurt?

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This is an incredibly common concern that many clients have before they begin their laser hair removal journey – does it hurt? In fact, this could be classed as one of the most common questions that it asked prior to undergoing the treatment. More traditional laser hair removal methods might have stung and made you wince, but the laser hair removal treatment we offer here in Bucks is not as painful as you think.

How does hair removal work?

Using the Soprano ICE laser hair removal system as it’s renowned by leading clinics and physicians for its efficacy and safety record. Traditional laser hair removal technology may have zapped your skin without much warning however some of the more advanced technologies can now offer you better comfort during treatment. The Soprano ICE system uses a cooling tip to soothe the surface of the skin during treatment to help protect against any uncomfortable sensations, burns, and pigmentation changes. The system uses different wavelengths to gradually heat up the skin to a temperature that damages the hair follicles and hair regrowth without harming the surrounding tissue.

How many treatments does it take?

Laser hair removal typically requires around 6-12 treatment session to secure long lasting and effective results. This is because the treatment is only effective on hairs that are in their early growth stage, and not all of the hairs in your treatment area will be growing at the same time. Fear not, as this is a completely natural process. After you have finished your course of treatments, you may only require one or two top up appointments a year to treat the hairs that managed to resist the laser energy.

Laser hair removal in Gerrards Cross

Laser hair removal for the face and body can be a tiresome experience, especially if your treatment area is difficult to cover up and maintain. However, with the sheer experience and professionalism here at Deluxe Clinic, rest assured you’re in safe hands. Contact us today to book your initial consultation.

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