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Acne: an overview

Acne is extremely common and can start at any age, affecting around 95% of people aged 11-30. It ranges from a few spots to larger patches that can lead to scarring. The most common places for it to appear are the face, back and chest respectively.

The causes of acne

Caused by a build-up of oil in the skin, in turn, pores become blocked and the skin is left feeling hot, painful and tender. Acne tends to run in families and can also be linked to hormonal changes, for example during pregnancy.

 If left untreated, acne can lead to scarring, a drop in self-esteem and even depression.

Different types of acne

6 main spot types are caused by acne:

Blackheads – yellow or black bumps
Whiteheads – similar to blackheads, but firmer and don’t burst
Papules – small red bumps
Pustules – similar to papule, but with a white tip
Nodules – large, hard lumps under the skin
Cysts – large lumps, similar-looking to boils

Recommended acne treatments

At Deluxe Skin Clinic, a renowned skin clinic in Slough, we understand the importance of getting symptoms under control and will develop a tailored treatment plan according to your needs and the severity of your symptoms. Whether you’re looking for back acne treatment, or acne treatment on your face, chest or other areas, we offer a range of options to help treat and control your acne:

Chemical peels – highly effective for treating acne scarring, these are a key part of our offering. They work by sweeping away dead skin cells while encouraging new ones to grow. Our acne-reduction peel also uses antiseptic-rich salicylic acid to control redness.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy
– using the Lynton Luminette laser system, this therapy targets active acne and scarring with short, intense bursts of light.

Microneedling – this uses a collection of tiny needles to gently pierce the skin, prompting the skin to self-repair. This healing response can boost collagen production to treat scarring and acne.

Tips for managing your acne

Alongside our acne treatments, it can help to take steps at home to further control symptoms. Our recommendations include:

– Avoiding picking or squeezing spots, which can lead to scarring
– Cleansing skin with an oil-free or water-based soap, but take care not to over-wash, which can irritate skin and worsen symptoms
– Including a variety of fruit and veg in your diet
– Avoiding using too much make-up, as this can further clog the pores

Find out more

If you have acne symptoms and are interested in managing your symptoms, or have had acne in the past and are looking to reduce the appearance of acne scarring, please get in touch to arrange an acne treatment today at our aesthetics clinic, based in Slough near London.

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