Facial hair removal: how does it work?

Female facial hair is a bit of a taboo subject. Despite so many women having it, and it being completely natural too, many of us opt to remove it. Makeup can cling to our facial hair, we may be able to see it when we’re bare faced, and we may just simply not like it being there. If you’re happy with your facial hair and see no reason to remove it, then this is absolutely fine. We salute you! However, if you’re experiencing facial hair you’d rather not or it has become thicker or darker, then facial hair removal might be for you.

Facial hair removal has advanced past the days of shaving, hair removal cream, and waxing. The skin on the face is sensitive, especially in areas like the cheeks and around the mouth. Traditional hair removal methods in these areas can cause noticeable inflammation and reactions, exacerbated even more by their presence on your face.

What’s more, these traditional hair removal methods can be painful! Hot wax being pulled off your upper lip or jaw isn’t nice, and neither are allergic or unforeseen reactions to products like hair removal cream. They often don’t provide the best results, either. Prickles, ingrown hairs, and regrowth can mean that your efforts are often in vain after just a few days.

So how does facial hair removal work, and what makes it different?

We use the innovative technology of the Soprano Ice laser hair removal system. What’s so amazing about this laser hair removal system is that it offers far superior comfort levels during treatment.

You may think of laser hair removal as zapping light on sensitive areas, but the Soprano Ice uses cooling technology while the treatment is happening. This means you can remain comfortable during your painless treatment and not wince with the passing motion. It uses the same technology as older laser hair removal methods, emitting beams of energy that are absorbed by the hairs’ pigment that destroys the cells.

Facial hair removal is a sensitive subject for those who are considering it. If associated with unwanted attention, self-consciousness, or even bullying, ideally the treatment should be pleasant. This is so you can view it as a journey rather than another ordeal. This is why we offer the comfort of the Soprano Ice, so you can remain at ease while you begin your treatment journey.

The results are even better than you may have thought. The technology we have specially selected can reduce the presence of unwanted hair by 70-90%! This will require a few treatment sessions, because we can only treat hairs at certain parts of their growth cycle, but the superior comfort and amazing results really make this worth it. This treatment is also suitable for all skin colours and tones which previous methods have fallen short of. This makes our technology the ideal treatment method for unwanted facial hair.

If you’re curious about facial hair removal, get in touch with our Buckinghamshire clinic and book your consultation today.

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