Care routine for allergy-prone skin

Care routine for allergy-prone skin

Allergic skin is skin with a reduced tolerance to make-up or personal care products. At the basis of such skin is an over-reactive (genetically acquired) immune system and a damaged skin barrier due to certain external factors. Allergy-prone skin is more common among people who already suffer from various allergies (to food, dust, plants, hair, etc.) – in about 65% of cases. If you fall into this category, you will want to know more about how to care for your skin to avoid aggravating irritation or discomfort.

How does allergic skin manifest itself?

When the skin comes into contact with an allergen there is an exaggerated immunological reaction that can last for hours or even days. The most common manifestations are: intense redness in the area where contact with the allergen occurred, itching or burning, mild flaking, and dry skin sensation.

The facial area is most affected, especially the cheeks or eyelid area – the eyelid area has the thinnest skin and is most easily damaged by allergens.

What factors can affect allergic skin?

There are several damaging factors, from physiological ones such as age (the skin barrier deteriorates with age) or gender (women are more prone to such skin problems) to environmental ones. Here’s what to look out for if you have allergic skin:

  • Skin care products or cosmetics: you should avoid harsh skin care products based on alcohol or perfume, as well as mechanical and chemical exfoliation,
  • External factors: frequent hot showers, low humidity in the home, prolonged exposure to the sun without sunscreen, insufficient hydration and excessive alcohol consumption,
  • Psycho-emotional factors: insufficient or poor quality sleep, chronic fatigue, prolonged stress,
  • Environmental factors: strong wind, low or high temperatures, UV radiation.

Some factors can be controlled, others cannot. But you can improve symptoms and discomfort with a proper skin care routine. This is where our skin care specialists can help, by assessing your skin condition, identifying problems and recommending effective professional solutions and products with long-lasting results.

Care routine for allergy-prone skin

Allergy-prone skin requires even more care in the choice of skincare products or facial treatments followed. A single mistake, such as ignoring the ingredients label, can cause an irritation that is difficult to control. As you’ll learn from our experts, you need gentle, non-drying facial cleansers. Moisturizing plays an important role in maintaining the health of allergy-prone skin. You can try hypoallergenic moisturizers for dry skin without fragrance, parabens or other ingredients that could harm your skin. The eye area should also be well looked after, as it is the most prone to these problems.

With an optimal routine adapted to allergic skin, dryness and irritation can be successfully controlled. In this way the skin will be healthier, the texture of the skin will be much improved and the discomfort caused by allergies will remain only an unpleasant memory. Book an appointment at Deluxe Clinic to find out what your skin needs and see what products or facials are right for you!

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