Botox or dermal fillers – which one is better for you?

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Wrinkles can undermine self-confidence – that’s why more and more people search for the best solution to get velvety and firm skin. The most popular anti-wrinkle treatments are Botox and dermal fillers. Each procedure is delivered by injection, but there are some differences between the two that you consider before choosing one of them. 

Botox – effectiveness and side effects

Botox or botulinum toxin type A is a muscle relaxer used to treat wrinkles around the eyes and mouth or in between the eyebrows. These wrinkles are known as “dynamic wrinkles” and become more visible with age. Botox is not an effective solution for the fine lines, known as “static wrinkles”, caused by sagging – in this case, dermal filler is a better treatment. 

Injections with botox work in a different way than dermal fillers. Once injected, the botulinum toxin is blocking the nerve signals in the muscles around the area with wrinkles. The muscles are temporarily frozen and the wrinkles are softened and even removed. The effects last 3-4 months and repeated treatments are necessary if you want to maintain the results for a longer period.

The most common side effects of botox injection are: bruises in the treated area, eye redness, irritation, headaches, rashes, dry mouth, nausea or blurry vision. However, these side effects are temporary. If you are pregnant or nursing or have skin issues and weak facial muscles, you should avoid Botox treatment. 

Dermal fillers – effectiveness and side effects

Dermal fillers are substances designed to add volume and fullness and to reach that more natural-looking results. In this case, the substances can be hyaluronic acid (adds plumpness to your skin) or polylactic acid (stimulates the production of collagen). Dermal facials can be used in many situations to remove the wrinkles under the eyes, to soften the scars and the static wrinkles. As you can see, things are pretty clear – botox injections are recommended for dynamic wrinkles and dermal fillers have better results in static wrinkles. Both procedures are painless. They are performed under topical anesthesia. 

Dermal fillers ensure results that last up to 12 months, but if you want to maintain the results, you will have to repeat the treatment. However, some people need a single treatment to get the results they want. Our specialists at Deluxe Clinic will recommend you several treatments based on your skin analysis. 

Here are the most common side effects that can occur after this kind of treatment: skin rash, redness, bruising or swelling. A full recovery is expected in 2-3 days. The treatment with dermal filler is not recommended for people who smoke.

Before making a decision, book an appointment for facial aesthetics at Delux Clinic and let our specialists examine your health and skin condition. We will discuss your individual need and expectations and we will recommend you the best choice for more youthful skin. However, you should keep in mind that sometimes the results are not as powerful as having a surgical procedure, like a facelift. 

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