How does acne scar removal work?

Beating acne can be the best feeling in the world, and you can finally feel back in control of your skin. Sometimes, however, we may be left with unwelcome reminders of our battle for clear skin. Acne scarring can detract from your confidence when you finally felt like you’d waved goodbye to your problematic skin, but luckily acne scar removal can help.

Acne scarring develops when the skin tries to heal itself after a particularly damaging or traumatic presence of spots. It can also commonly occur from picking or squeezing at the spots, which is why it’s important to refrain from doing so. More severe acne scarring may need a doctor’s attention, but for mild to moderate pock-like scars, Deluxe Clinic in Buckinghamshire can help.


How do we achieve acne scar removal?

The way we tackle acne scar removal utilises the body’s natural repair systems. All of our treatments, which we will explore soon, create controlled wounds in the skin. These are nothing serious or painful and are totally safe. By creating tiny yet targeted areas of controlled wounding, we prompt the skin to heal itself. It does this by focussing its healing energy on the area, prompting fresh blood flow and collagen production. This works to remodel the skin from the inside out, rebalancing the scarred tissue.

Active acne can also cause imbalanced oil production, contributing to debris and dead skin cell build up that clogs the pores. Addressing this oil imbalance and essentially teaching the skin proper oil secretion reduces the chances of your acne returning. Treatments that we offer that allow this can also dry out active acne, rebalancing oils for less spots and blackheads.

We offer a range of treatments depending on the severity and individual needs of each of our client’s skin. No two people’s skin is the same so our approach is entirely tailored to you.


Which treatments will help me?

A course of chemical peels forms the basis of most of our treatment plans. They are specifically used to remove dead and damage skin cells, rebalance oil secretion, and promote a positive skin cell turnover for healthy skin. By creating the aforementioned controlled wounding on the upper layers of skin, we reawaken the skin’s natural healing processes. It prompts the skin into producing fresh and healthy skin cells, shedding the damaged, making it very effective at treating both active acne and acne scar removal.

Acne scar removal isn’t just limited to treating the dimple-like abrasions, it can also treat red inflammation and pigmentation changes. As a reaction to acne, the skin produces excess melanin as a protective measure that can remain after the break-out. With our use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy we can treat this kind of acne scarring and lighten the uneven skin pigment without damaging the surrounding skin.

If appropriate for your skin, we can also use microneedling for acne scar removal. Microneedling works in a similar fashion to chemical peels. We use tiny needles to create a controlled wounding in the skin, triggering a regenerative response from the body. This treatment is effective for more mild acne scarring, but it works exceptionally well for those it is fit for. The collagen production triggered not only heals the scars from the inside out, but it also stimulates healthy and firm new skin.

Acne scarring can cause you a lot of post-break-out stress, but acne scar removal is your solution. We tailor your treatment course entirely to your skin needs so you can receive the specialist care right for you. We even offer professional skincare ranges to promote the continuation of your skin’s health and lessen the chance of future break-outs.

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