4 Ways to effectively treat acne in Buckinghamshire

Acne can knock your self confidence and often occurs when you’re at your most vulnerable. For instance, it’s not uncommon when you’re a teenager, or your hormones are in flux; a situation that often means your mood and stress levels are less predictable. If you suffer from recurring acne problems, you’ve probably tried all the well known brands of acne solutions that can be bought over the counter. Presumably, because you’re reading this, you’ve not had much luck with them.

Here at our Buckinghamshire clinic, we achieve successful, acne free skin for our clients using one of 4 different methods. Each treatment we advocate is either administered or prescribed by one of our highly qualified and experienced skincare experts. To find the treatment that’s going to best alleviate your acne, we’d like to invite you to a consultation with us. Once we’ve assessed your skin and the nature of your acne, we’ll have a better idea of how to achieve optimal results for you. Here are the methods we use.

Chemical peel: A chemical peel will gently exfoliate the surface layer of your skin to remove the dirt, blocked pores and blemishes of the outer layer. The fresh new skin tissue underneath will replace this layer. It is administered by painting a specific acne removal peel solution onto the skin in the targeted area. It’s left on for a few minutes then cleansed away. In a few days time, your acne should peel away. In addition to removing the unsightly skin, the peel will also stimulate collagen production in the area, giving you a further revitalising boost.

IPL treatment involves a laser targeting a problem skin area. It’s not painful, but it will boost collagen levels and your cell regeneration rate.

Microneedling treatment works in the same way as IPL; by tricking your body into thinking it has a wound and stimulating the body’s natural repair system into creating new skin tissue. However, instead of a laser, micro punctures will be made in the skin. They won’t scar, but they will cause new skin tissue creation.

The Obagi acne reducing skin care range is another option. You can’t find these products in the pharmacy as they need to be prescribed by a registered professional, but they have a great track record for removing acne.

When you’re ready to discuss your options, please give our Buckinghamshire team a call. We’ll be able to book your consultation and help give you a clearer complexion. Please get in touch.

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