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how it works led light therapy

LED Light Therapy – how it works?

LED Light therapy is a non-invasive skin treatment for conditions like severe acne, sun damage, inflammation or skin aging. This treatment uses effective therapeutic light to stimulate cellular regeneration. LED light therapy doesn’t use ultraviolet rays, so it’s safe for regular use.Read More

treatments for acne scars

Treatments for acne scars – at home or in clinic?

Acne can be very frustrating, it can leave ugly scars on your face that undermine your self confidence and sometimes it makes you become antisocial. There are many remedies that help people manage acne and reduce scars. In fact, many people whoRead More

5 things you need to know about ageing skin

5 things you need to know about ageing skin

Your skin is the best proof that everything changes over time. Skin ageing is a complex process that is influenced by internal factors, such as your DNA, external factors (sun exposure, pollution) and bad habits (smoking, poor nutrition). Skin ageing is aRead More

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