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It’s hard to believe it,s been eleven years since my interest in laser hair removal was first piqued. I remember how I was undergoing a particularly difficult time of things. For no reason, I just felt in need of a lift. A pick me up to help me through the banalities of life. So I saw an advert for a laser hair removal clinic and thought, hey I could do with a little pampering. So decided to give it a go. And wouldn’t you know it, I emerged feeling like a whole new person.

Finding a salon with the latest, up to date technology wasn’t easy, though. I was determined it was going to be a pleasurable experience, so I took the time to find the right place. Eventually, I found somewhere, but it involved a bit of a trek. I was at home that night, reveling in my new found self-confidence when I got the idea.

I was feeling better than I had for weeks, so thought that if I could just package this feeling I could help so many people. The first thing I did the following morning was to boot up my computer and start doing some research.

Things have moved on quite a lot since then. It didn’t take me long to discover that some laser hair removal machines are better equipped than others and then all I had to do was find the right course. By the time I’d qualified to start my own practice, I was raring to go.

So that’s about it really. That’s why I go out of my way to make it a pleasurable experience from start to finish. As good as the silky smooth feeling is afterwards, it should be about more than that. When I see people leaving the salon looking so happy, it gives me a buzz. Just knowing I’ve done my bit to bring some joy into the people’s lives is what leads to believe I have the best job in the world.

So why Gerrard’s Cross? Well it’s got so many celebrity residents that it often gets referred to as a mini Hollywood. It’s easy to get to too. You’ve got the M40, M25 and a direct train line. No that you’d know it though. It’s an old-fashioned country village where the pace of life is considerably less hectic. Given all the trees and green areas, you might call it a gem of a village. Or to be more precise, an emerald. If you don’t know Gerrard’s Cross, you should give it a try.

We learnt the trade in the city, the latest techniques and how to make our customers feel good about themselves. Then we decided we’d like to bring it a bit closer to home and make our service a bit more personal. We like to put the emphasis firmly on quality over quality. We get to know each one of our customers, and its these close relationships we enjoy that bring us the most satisfaction of all.

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For a salon fresh feeling that lasts, call 01753 885777 to book an appointment, email info@deluxeclinic.co.uk or click on the button below.

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For a salon fresh feeling that lasts, call 01753 885777 to book an appointment, email info@deluxeclinic.co.uk or click on the button below.

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